bg-3 Rowing, Chicken, and Summer Camp

Rowing, Chicken, and Summer Camp

Our final full day in San Diego has ended, but much has been accomplished. The rowers were able to get on the water three times and enjoyed (mostly) good conditions. The weather was a bit chilly this morning, probably in the low 60’s, but we toughed it out for the first morning row. Luckily, by the mid-morning it had warmed up nicely and everyone was enjoying the warm winter day.

Tonight for dinner we paired up rooms so the rowers could have a family dinner with their fellow campers. Each pair was given a couple roasted chickens, salad, bread, mashed potatoes, juice, and cookies. I don’t think any of them went to bed hungry.

After dinner the rowers heard a little bit about the college recruitment process as well as summer rowing opportunities. They heard about the important things to think about when selecting a camp, like finding one that aligns with their goals. They also heard about the Sparks New Zealand Program, an intensive five-week rowing program in Dunedin. Regardless of where they were in the recruitment process, it was great information to hear when thinking about their futures in rowing.









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