bg-3 A Chilly Day in San Diego!

A Chilly Day in San Diego!

by Christina Meyer

We woke up on Day 2 of camp in San Diego to 36 degree (!) weather. The first row of the day was pretty chilly, but luckily the skies were blue and the winds stayed calm, and the long practice allowed everyone to warm their bodies up before the weather decided to do so.


Today was the first full day of camp, so there were three rowing sessions, options for individual meeting with coaches, a bit of downtime in the afternoon, and an evening presentation after dinner. During the presentation the coaches talked about their personal stories in rowing and why they are still devoted to the sport and coaching. There were some very inspirational words and cheering and whistling as each coach finished his or her story. We ended the night opening the floor to questions from the athletes and the coaches did not disappoint in their answers. This included everything from a history lesson in why the name “Radcliffe” has been maintained for the Harvard women’s rowing team to stories from coaches about athletes catching crabs.

Tomorrow’s morning’s weather forecast is showing much warmer temperatures. With one full day under their belts, everyone is poised for the final full day of camp.


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