bg-3 A Little Bit of Rugger

A Little Bit of Rugger

The day prior to our road trip departure, we journeyed to Allen’s Beach to enjoy the views and, more importantly, to practice our skills at rugby. Having the two guys who knew how to play take the lead, a few of us draw out a field in the sand and attempted to play. To be honest, we didn’t look too bad for a group of rowers trying rugby for the first time.

Sweaty and tired, we finished the game, gathered up in our van, and headed back to the boatshed. There we ate meat pies in preparation for the professional rugby game we attended that night. In case you were wondering, meat pies are exactly what they sound like and are quite delicious. Think of them as the Kiwi version of a pre-game BBQ.

The rugby match was between the Highlanders (our local Otago team) and the Crusaders. Fortunately, we had a Kiwi and an Aussie there to explain the difference between a try, a ruck, a scrum, and how all the penalties work. While our Highlanders fought hard, they suffered a tragic defeat. In spite of the loss, we had an awesome time watching the game, the tries, and the brawls.


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