bg-3 A little Drizzle

A little Drizzle

Well, it wouldn’t be Seattle if we didn’t get a LITTLE drizzle! The rain this morning killed all of the wind and kept the pleasure boaters off the water, so the conditions were perfect for technical rowing. The rowers have all been shifting between 8’s, 4’s, and quads, and they are learning that the mechanics of getting a blade into the water and exerting maximal force to make a boat move its fastest are the same no matter what boat you are sitting in.


After lunch and a chance to dry off, the sun came out for another beautiful afternoon on the water. We have been having longer morning rows, while everyone is fresh and the conditions are the best. In the afternoon, some of the coaches have been utilizing the ergs as a training tool before getting onto the water. Besides erging for fitness (without the variables of rowing on the water), ergs are a fantastic tool for demonstration and self-coaching: angle yourself in front of a mirror and you can watch your whole stroke!


The day ended today with a panel discussion on Collegiate Recruiting. Our coaching staff includes coaches with experience in¬†Divisions 1, 2, and 3 institutions as well as collegiate club programs. They talked about the differences in the divisions, how to begin the process of talking to coaches, and how to effectively communicate with recruiters. The campers asked a lot of good questions and we had a few laughs over some of the “don’t’s” in the process.



Tomorrow is our last full day at camp, so everyone is off to bed, dreaming of another day of flat water and a lot of opportunities for learning.

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