bg-3 A Mad Genius

A Mad Genius

“Believe me it’s going to hurt, but it has to be done” Malcolm says to the rowers before one of the most intense workouts they have ever experienced 5 x 2k 1st 1000 @ 24, 500 @ 26, 500 @ 28.  2nd 500 @24, 1000 @ 26, 500 @ 28.  3rd 500 @ 24, 500 @ 26, 500 @ 28, 500, 500 @ 30. 4th open. 5th open.  Let’s just say no one was standing after the 5th.  Malcolm, our program coach, also works with the New Zealand high performance athletes here and he’s someone who is difficult to describe. He may be different from any rowing coach that you would find in the States.  Why? because he is someone who coaches with a passion and although he has experience from all over he still tries to learn as much as he can about the sport.  Malcolm is someone who lives in hope to achieve in the future rather then living on the accomplishments of the past.

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