bg-3 All’s well that end’s well (and starts again)

All’s well that end’s well (and starts again)

By Ryan Sparks · August, 2012

Yesterday, campers raced 500m pieces in the morning before a final presentation for students and parents on campus. The pieces were close, and we hope campers came away with an intimate sense of understanding of the fun of winning and losing by mere decks as we’ve seen in the Olympic coverage.

The presentation was fun — we showed a few videos you’ve seen below and let Michiel Bartman and Marcus McElhenney, who hold four Olympic medals between them, summarize events for parents. We were also able to cover some of the recruiting questions parents had with a fairly distinguished staff. In the end, all we can do is open doors with our short time together — and we hope the kids are able to take improvements they’ll be able to make for months and years ahead away with them.

Below, I’m including two short teaser trailers we’ve done for a film we’re making about rowing and character development shot at our New Zealand development camp. We hope you enjoy them.


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