bg-3 Arrival Day at Wesleyan Week One

Arrival Day at Wesleyan Week One

By Ryan Sparks · August, 2012

Ahh.. And so it begins. We love our introductory camp — our campers tend to be young — but serious.

This week’s groups seems thus far to be easy and focused. The attitude might be defined as hopeful, and as a staff we’re also hopeful that we can make a fairly bold impact on the kids in 5 days.

Upon arrival, kids were issued a Patagonia bag, water bottle, t-shirt — and most importantly a notebook. They underwent an evaluation circuit where coaches decided how to boat them consisting of both instruction and testing in flexibility, basic technique, and the ergometer. They were also oriented to camp and given an ice cream social (obviously the most important part!)

Our wish is that the kids will be taught how to improve over months via a week of camp. Thus, the notebook. It becomes especially helpful when they meet with our staff, which includes coaches from the usual suspects — Harvard, Princeton, Yale — but more importantly 4 Olympic medals and most importantly a true interest in the kids, or at least in how to truly spark a deeper connection with the sport while teaching a fairly deep level of improvement that extends beyond the five days here.


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