bg-3 Arrival Safe and Sound

Arrival Safe and Sound

All of our coxswains have arrived safe and sound in Oklahoma City to begin our Coxswains Only summer camp. We’re lucky the temperature has dropped off by twenty or so degrees from last week, but the heat is still sweltering. The kids have quickly learned to prepare with sunscreen, hats, and filled water bottles. We are excited to kick off the week of coxswain-centered education!

After initial meeting sessions with Coaches Laura Simon, Malcolm Doldron, and Kate Strum, we headed to the boathouse district to get started. The afternoon started with a tour of the OKC facility, one of the most advanced rowing facilities in the country. The US. National Team and High Performance Team athletes regularly train in OKC=, and the resources available are often a surprise to our coxswains on their first day.

The introductory lecture focused on awareness. Coach Simon challenged the coxswains to define how they create change in their boat, and recognize the difference between being a motivational coxswain vs. an inspirational coxswain. With the homework assignment of self-reflection of their own articulation and oration skills, the coxswains headed back to the hotel and fell asleep quickly.

Tomorrow, the water time begins.

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