bg-3 Art, History, Culture, and Cheese!

Art, History, Culture, and Cheese!

The coaches gave the rowers the afternoon off so we decided to take an adventure around the city. We biked to the Anne Frank House, found the line too long and the sun too hot, so we locked up our bikes and began to wander.

Our first stop was naturally the illustrious Cheese Museum in the Jordan neighborhood. Not only were we able to sample the amazing varieties of cheese (including some with stinging nettle), the rowers were able to dress up like farmers.


Our next stop was the National Monument and Royal Palace, followed up the Tulip Market. While the market had some interesting stuff you could buy or look at, the highlight was definitely stopping by a store to get some fresh stoop waffles (honey between two thin waffles, an utterly delicious Dutch treat).


Revitalized by our stoop waffles, we headed off to the Van Gogh museum to take in some classic Dutch art. Along the way the group became separated into two. Unphased, the two groups calmly pressed on and reconvened at the line for the museum in the Museumplein, the area of the city where many of the museums are located.


From the Van Gogh museum we had a tough decision to make: what to eat for dinner before returning to the Anne Frank House. After much discussion (pancakes? pizza? ramen?) the group settled on burgers and away we went. We stuffed our faces and prepared ourselves for the long line that awaited us.

We arrived around 8pm at the Anne Frank House line to find it much shorter than before and also much cooler. It moved quickly and soon we were inside. We finished just before it closed at 10pm and everyone headed home, trying to make it as the sun set behind the building. I’m not sure about the rowers, but by the time I got home all I wanted was to rest my exhausted feet and get a good night’s sleep.

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