bg-3 Attention, Go!

Attention, Go!

All of our coxswains have arrived safely and soundly in Oklahoma City to begin the final week of our Coxswains Only summer camp. We have reminded the kids to carry sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and a water bottle with them to every practice to keep them healthy and performing their best in the sweltering (but beautiful!) Oklahoma August. We’ll be coaching all coxswains, all the time, and we’re thrilled to get started.

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Our program today began with a tour of the OKC facility, which is one of the most advanced rowing facilities in the United States and the current home of the U.S. High Performance team. Olympic and national team athletes regularly train here, and it is an honor to share this facility with them for the next week. The campers toured the Chesapeake Boathouse, from which they will be launching, before heading over to the newer Devon Boathouse and then heading up to the top of the finish line tower for a beautiful view of the river – and an introductory lecture from our veteran coxswain coaches Marcus McElhenney and Laura Simon.

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Tomorrow, the water time begins. For today, though, we remained off the water discussing the coxswain’s most critical jobs and the road to becoming a better coxswain. Coxswains rarely get coaching at their home programs, so this week will be an intense learning experience for all of them. They are refueling right now with dinner at the hotel before their conversation tonight with counselor Chelsea Dommert. They’ll be discussing – you guessed it – coxswain stuff.

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