bg-3 Balance


Taken from one of our camper’s blogs here

“Today I was able to balance the single without the oars on the water for the majority of my row. I now can pause and balance the boat as it runs out smoothly; its an amazing feeling. It was especially awesome today on the glassy crystal clear water. I can tell that I have a much stronger feel of the boat and what effect my every motion has on it.

As far as erging goes, out training has picked up. We are doing more hard fast workouts now and not as many endurance pieces. I PR’d 3 times in the past three days on my 1500 time during two different workouts, granted, my previous time wasnt very good, and it was from mid season last spring. Oe workout was a 2×1500 all out with a 10 min rest, no sprint. 5:00.5, 4:59.5. The other was 1500-10 min rest-1000-8 min rest-500. 4:57 on that one, also with no sprint allowed.”

Thanks for sharing!