bg-3 Taking Care of Each Other

Taking Care of Each Other

Alex knocks on the door of my room. “how are you feeling?” he said, I replied “a little better.” He then insisted to go get me some medicine at the drug store telling me it would be no trouble. Two hours later Austin knocks on my door. “how are you feeling?” he asked, I replied “the medicine is helping but I need to get some food.” Austin told me to just stay in my room and told me that he would go out and bring some food back for me. I was fully well again in less then 24 hours. This just shows that all of us are in this together and we support each other whether that be at training or being sick in bed.


Below you can find links to learn more about Sparks Rowing camps.

Learn more about our coxswain’s only rowing camp by following the link.  Or, read some excerpts from the the coxswain only rowing camp blog.  Our next round of summer rowing camp information can be found here.  Follow this link for information on our New Zealand rowing camp and here for their NZ camp blog (with some great videos).  We also have some great information on our winter rowing camp  and you can get another perspective through our blog on the advanced winter rowing camp here.

Lastly, if you’re interested in our consulting services, we help guide college bound high school athletes through the college recruiting process for rowing colleges and universities.  Learn more at or about the phenomenal staff at Sparks.

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