bg-3 Boat Feel

Boat Feel

It was a hot morning in Oklahoma City, but that didn’t slow our coxswains down. This morning was spent finishing up steering and docking skills. For those in the docking group, they had an opportunity to sit in the rower’s seat to listen to how their peers made calls. The biggest takeaway from this exercise was that even the simple tasks aren’t quite so simple.

IMG_4997-1coxswains practicing how to sit properly in an 8+

After lectures, lunch, and private coaching sessions, we went back on the water to focus on boat feel. Coxswains were able to experience common technical issues (rush, body position) but then had the opportunity to work on a few areas that they wanted to learn more about. Often times, coxswains might hear the same correction from their coach, but not actually understand the difference between what the boat should actually feel like. This was their chance to practice.

IMG_5014.JPG-1technical coaching on erg with Coach Greenblatt

The evening session on college recruiting focused on how to approach the process in order to get the most out of it. We answered their recruiting questions and covered common misconceptions in the process.

Everyone went to bed exhausted!

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