bg-3 Bonding


By Ryan Sparks · August, 2012

Today the kids went down to the boathouse to be confronted by rain. They were able to play some games on land for about a half hour until it was time to launch. The morning row overall was a long one, and lasted for about 1.5-2 hours, with focused technique then pieces to round out the end.

Fatigue hit the camp about the same time as severe thunderstorms neared us, and the staff decided to have the afternoon session inside for one of the bigger events of camp — the recruiting panel. Given we have every level from DI to club represented by a coach, this is a perfect time for the staff to outline the process and for kids to ask recruiting questions. The session went for 2 hours. We then broke for dinner and came back to divide into small groups to discuss nutrition, video analysis (we were able to analyze an Olympic 8+ one of the coaches was in), and a few other subjects.

Overall, the mood was focused today. We found many kids laughing (whether the subject matter was appropriate or not we’ll never know) and the staff was able to relax and smile a bit as well as everyone took a well needed rest from the sun in the afternoon. At twilight small groups sat outside, talked, and watched thunderstorms roll in before heading inside before the downpour.

In the video below, Marcus discusses coxswain infighting during their daily course.

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