bg-3 Breaking out of Comfort Zones and Reaching New Levels

Breaking out of Comfort Zones and Reaching New Levels

by Christina Meyer


Today was a day of breaking out of comfort zones at the San Diego camp. The boys were out in an 8+ all day and made some very good technical changes in a set, stable boat. The girls went out in an 8+ and a 4+ and shuffled around seats today, some athletes switching sides and moving around positions in the boat. It made some rowers uneasy to be out of their typical comfort zones, but doing so allowed everyone to approach their strokes from a new perspective and no one was able to rest on their internal “autopilot”.


During the evening seminars tonight, the group split in half, choosing either to go to the presentation on College Recruiting (focusing on typical pitfalls of recruits, pointers for presenting yourself the best, and opening to a Q&A format) or a presentation on “Taking it to the Next Level”(how to go from wanting to do something to implementing it in real life). The athletes asked some good questions and the coaches were able to touch on specifics relevant to the athletes there, as each group had about 15-20 attendees.


Tomorrow morning will be our last practice of camp, culminating in race pieces between all boats. It is exciting for the coaches to see how far these athletes have come in the past couple days, and tomorrow will be a chance for them to put changes into action.

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