bg-3 Cadbury Adventure

Cadbury Adventure

A few days ago we ventured deep into the heart of the Cadbury Factory located here in Dunedin. Our journey wound us through the mysterious machinery where we saw the magic behind the making and packaging of the delicious chocolate. Our mouths watered every time we heard about the liquid chocolate being purveyed throughout the factory in the pipes above our heads. Our guide tried to satiate our chocolate desires with small samples along the way, but it was not until we tasted the warm, silky liquid chocolate at the end of the tour that our needs were satisfied. Well, satisfied until we made it to the gift shop and saw the walls of chocolate for sale.

Since cameras are not allowed in the factory for security and safety reasons, we were not able to take any pictures. However, here is a picture of a chocolate waterfall, similar to the one we saw on our tour. Enjoying watching the gallons of liquid chocolate!!


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