bg-3 Catlins Adventuring

Catlins Adventuring

On their first day off, we took the guys on a tour of the Catlins, a national park in Otago to see some of the sights. Below are a few highlights.


This was a place cleverly called Tunnel Hill. Why? Because it is a tunnel, cut into a hill.


A classic spot, this is Nugget Point, our first stop. While the clouds sadly kept the sun from brightening this place up a bit more, it was still a spectacular sight.


Another view from Nugget Point, around the corner a bit. If you’re lucky you can watch the seals and sea lions basking on the rocks.

photo 12


Speaking of wildlife, here’s a  fur seal we met walking along Cannibal Bay. We didn’t meet any real cannibals, but the seal did look a little hungry….

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