bg-3 Coxswains and Sculling in Tampa

Coxswains and Sculling in Tampa

It was another bright, sunny day in Tampa. We arrived at the boathouse to perfectly flat water and no wind.

The sculling coaches spent the morning taking video of the scullers on the water. At the start of the afternoon session, the group reviewed video before going on the water. Each sculler made noticeable changes to their technique that improved their stroke.
In the evening, the scullers joined with the sweep camp for a combined talk on how to approach the college process with the chance to hear tips from the experts (our coaches) on rowing in college.

The coxswains continued docking and steering sessions today. Coxswains often underestimate the importance of mastering these seemingly basic skills. Once they begin to understand just how much they don’t know and still need to learn, they are able to begin to raise their level of awareness.

Off the water, coxswains continued working studiously on their race plans and had opportunities to meet with the coaches for individual coaching sessions. The day ended with a talk on recruiting specifics for coxswains, and how to approach the college process.

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