bg-3 Ending on a High Note

Ending on a High Note

Today marks the end of our Coxswains Only camps in Oklahoma City for the summer of 2013.

This morning, our coxswains capped off their learning experience with a fun race – 5 lanes across – in which they practiced combining all of the skills that we have discussed since camp began on Monday. All of the coxswains came off the water unsatisfied – which is a good thing! They know, without prompting, what they want to improve for next time, and they also know exactly how to work towards those goals.

Those coxswains who have not already gone to the airport are now sitting in the hotel lobby, chatting and laughing about their shared experiences from this week and planning their future adventures together. We have seen this group bond in a very special way, and we hope that those bonds remain strong after this summer, into the school year, and, with luck, many years beyond.

As this camp ends, we at Sparks head back to the drawing board to figure out how to make the camps even better for next year. We see the effect that these camps have on our kids, on your kids, and we feel inspired to see how much we can do for them. That said, we’re excited to see you all again at the Head of the Charles and at other regattas throughout the year, and we hope we’ll be spending some more time together this winter or next summer at another camp!

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