bg-3 Final day in Florida

Final day in Florida

by Libby Peters

Our fourth and final day in Florida has come to an end. We once again awoke to fog, but just like last time, it quickly gave way to sunny skies and flat water.

Coxswains and our awesome volunteer sweepers from Sarasota did a series of short races so the coxswains could work on executing their race plans. Everyone got a race and everyone got to observe a race up close from the launch. Afterwards, our coaches coaches Marcus, Katelin and Kit went over recordings and met one-on-one with each coxswain to answer questions, give feedback, and debrief on the camp.

Scullers also did a lot of short racing this morning. Their race featured a stake turn, although instead of turning and rowing in the other direction, they turned, rowed a short distance in the same direction BACKWARD, then turned and kept rowing in the same direction to the finish line. It was a great challenge for the scullers to test their comfort level in the boat, as well as entertaining to watch! They finished the day with some intentional flipping and learning how to get back in the single by themselves.

Each coxswain improved over these last four days and will bring something they learned at camp back to their respective programs. Most importantly, everyone gained greater self-awareness and an eagerness to continue learning and improving in the sport of rowing.


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