bg-3 Final Day in Florida

Final Day in Florida

We wrapped up with a beautiful day in the sunshine state. The sky was blue, and the water and vegetation had the deep color Florida is known for. When you’re really doing something you’re passionate about, this all seems even better – so we were happy with our last day in Sarasota.

The coxswains spent the day meeting one on one, looking to the immediate future and setting their goals. Additionally, they had two water sessions – one of which was racing based on plans they created over camp. The photo below is from one of the races!

The scullers went out twice in nearly perfect water. Coach Bartman indicated that though their speed had been relatively similar in the beginning, the scullers had begun to separate by the end of their time together – thus ironing out their inefficiencies, providing them inspiration to move forward, and finally creating an excellent stopping point for the four day camp. At the end of camp, they sat on the lawn in a small group with Bartman as he summed things up; each left with his commentary on their individual progress and goal sets.


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