bg-3 Final Preparations

Final Preparations

Today marks the last full day of our Wesleyan rowing camps for the year, and we have packed it accordingly to send the kids away with as much new knowledge and insight as possible.

In morning and afternoon practice, many of the coaches paired up so their two eights could race briefly against one another. Rather than use those races to determine which boat was faster, coaches used them to teach basic principles of the rowing stroke – and to let the athletes see for themselves which technical changes made the boat move faster against an opponent. When rowers see results like that, rather than just hearing about the technical changes they need to make, they understand and remember them long after camp ends.

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Meanwhile, the crews will get a chance to really race tomorrow morning. Racing will begin at 10:00 AM at the Wesleyan boathouse, and friends and family are welcome to attend. Immediately afterward, we will deliver a concluding presentation at Shanklin Hall, followed immediately by checkout in Clark Hall.

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This evening, instead of a large lecture, the campers chose between a few mini-sessions with different coaches. Marcus McElhenney discussed his journey through rowing and our motivation for rowing, Northeastern coach Dan Walsh discussed the mental challenges that competitive athletes face, and Columbia coach Libby Peters talked about nutrition. The small break-out sessions gave athletes a chance to connect with coaches and ask questions they have dwelt on all week.

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Now the campers are playing frisbee and hackey sack outside to wind down in preparation for race day tomorrow. We’re all very excited to see them show off everything they have learned!


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