bg-3 First Frigid Row

First Frigid Row

It’s the first week for our guys here in Term 1 and with some calm, sunny weather, it was time for them to test out the water of Otago Harbour. It’s a wet launch down here at the Otago Uni boatshed which means you get to dip your feet into the harbour water before you launch. If you’re curious about the water temperature, just look at a map and see the proximity of Antarctica and know that there’s not much between us and that continent.

As is the nature of the program the guys all went out in singles, some for the first time ever. After their first row under coach Condy, they came back to shore to warm up and head to lunch. While they all made it back alive and in one piece, not all made it back dry. But, as I like to say, he wasn’t the first of our rowers to fall in and he won’t be the last. (Since writing that we’ve had a couple more decide to test the water. All part of the experience…)


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