bg-3 First full day in Florida

First full day in Florida

Today we had partly cloudy weather and temps reaching up to the low 80s. The morning was perfectly flat and the afternoon had some wind gusts; negotiating the weather is a part of camp  we seek to emphasize. After all, ours is an outdoor sport.

The sculling camp first defined their warm-up and then launched to work on negotiating the course and the simpler things that come with getting back in the single. The afternoon was punctuated Coach Bartman taking some video for review and of course, more rowing. The evening consisted of a talk on recruiting. Ryan Sparks led the initial discussion with a lecture on values, then the two camps divided to discuss recruiting specific to their disciplines. Bartman, who has recruited at Harvard for a number of years, had a wonderful conversation about the do’s and don’t of the process specific to scullers from his experience over the last few years.

The coxswain camp began with a morning session on steering straight and the second practice worked the initial lessons learned via rougher conditions. Coxswains discussed steering and how to keep boats level. Katelyn Snider, the current US Women’s coxswain, shared some racing experience with coxswains. The day concluded with a talk on recruiting, which was of particular value to coxswains given they are not recruited at all institutions every year – the process is competitive and demands both humility and proactivity. Again, Katelyn delivered having coached for the last two years at Loyola Marymount. Ryan Sparks and Marcus McElhenney, who have spent the last four years counseling coxswains at Sparks with 93-96% first-choice admit rates, added their experience to the mix.

Another productive day – finished! We’re grateful to be here working with these kids.


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