bg-3 First Sparks Land in Dunedin

First Sparks Land in Dunedin

Our first batch of seven has made it safely to Dunedin! Their new coach, Malcolm, and I greeted them at the airport and took them straight away to the Otago University boathouse (or boatshed as they call it out here). Following a brief tour we headed up the peninsula to check out Sandfly Bay. While our view of the city was blocked off by clouds, as we descended towards the bay we were greeted by this amazing view.

After a necessary photo session, we headed for lunch at the Unicol (University College) dining hall and then did a quick tour around the city. A few hours later we were back to the boatshed where the guys had their first erg workout. By the time we had returned from the workout and dinner everyone was pretty well knackered (New Zealand for tired) so it was off to bed at about 8:30pm.

Looks like we have a great group of rowers and we’re looking forward to seeing what they can do once we get them out on the water!


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