bg-3 Clarity


By Ryan Sparks · August, 2012

As we have a lot of media today I will be brief and let it speak for us. We moved past steering into effective, organized calls and commands. In the first video, Marcus briefs the coxswains on what that looks like after our time in the tanks yesterday. Then, coxswains were given a small time slot to organize and call focused, effective piecework — thus the second video. Note — there’s no cox box present in this video — not because we didn’t have one available, but because not using one is good way of speeding up coxswains’ ability to communicate clearly and effectively with good economy of words.

We went out to dinner our last night as a camp. After that, the kids and staff strolled up the river walk to ice cream and back to the hotel. Folks felt the impetus to dress up (on their own). There’s a sense here amongst folks that we have accomplished something new in the last four days. Find our group post-dinner photo below.


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