bg-3 Goodbye, Connecticut! (for now)

Goodbye, Connecticut! (for now)

By Ryan Sparks · August, 2012

This morning marked our last day in Middletown. The kids ate breakfast in the dorms then came down to the boathouse and raced six boats across in 500m pieces. A fun way to close out the week. (see the video below)

We were able to show parents and students alike the Olympic racing footage of our camp staff below at our closing — and also show them a new race: Sparks associate Glenn Ochal won a bronze medal in the M4- yesterday.

There was cheering and even a few tears at the end of camp. We are so grateful to have been able to impact the kids on that level. But: camp isn’t completely over yet. In order to get the most out of camp, kids must go home and utilize the feedback given to them by our coaching staff written in their notebooks and in the coaching reports sent home with them. We hope they will feel the impact of camp for the months to come.



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