bg-3 Haere Mai Term 2

Haere Mai Term 2

After our farewell to Term 1, we had a night of reflection before we returned to the airport to pick up Term 2. They arrived on a typical wintery Dunedin day (a little rain, a little wind, a little snow, and a little sun). We introduced them to the Sahara, the boatshed, Unicol, and a little bit of the city. Seeing the true meaning of independence, we walked them from the Sahara to the boatshed, and then let them find their way home. Never fear, they all made it.


By day 2 the sun came out to say hello and we took our first trip to Sandfly Bay. In addition to meeting a few seal lions, the group tried sand sledding. We’re off to a great start and looking forward to the next five weeks with these rowers.


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