bg-3 Hello, Oklahoma

Hello, Oklahoma

By Ryan Sparks · August, 2012

The staff arrived on the ground in Oklahoma on Saturday night to find incredibly friendly people and some much needed sleep after two weeks at Wesleyan. Sunday morning exposed us to the ‘heat’ that’s been on the news lately. Compared to the muggy humidity of Connecticut, we found it a dry, breezy relief as long as we stayed in during the mid-day. Upon arrival today, the kids enjoyed it so much they ate dinner on the patio at the hotel.

That said: our advanced level camps here (and in New Zealand) are held in environments that can border on extremes by design. Ours is an outdoor sport, and rising above conditions is required to excel. In a supportive and kind atmosphere, challenges may be addressed properly and confidence grown both athletically and personally.

The kids were evaluated and educated today on camp goals and expectations. Below find a video of our classroom, which is another reason we’re in Oklahoma City.

They ate dinner at the hotel and then played a few games to get to know one another. We’re very much enjoying the level of engagement of the group and their willingness to get to know us and each other.


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