bg-3 How Aware Are You?

How Aware Are You?

Our first full day at Coxswain Camp in Oklahoma City is complete!

From the moment we left the hotel to walk to the boathouse this morning, the coxswains have been expected to maintain a high level of awareness. The group quickly learned just how much they were NOT aware of – and started to realize some of the safety implications of their actions.

Our on water practices today focused on steering – docking, head-race steering, and 2k steering. Coxswains were thrown into new situations, some with different equipment than they were used to, and have been forced to adapt and accept change.

Now that we have covered the basics of boat-handling, we will begin to layer more skills on top of that as the week progresses and expect the coxswains to continue to raise their level of awareness.

So far this group has been enthusiastic and inquisitive. We’re excited to watch them progress through the rest of the week.

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