bg-3 Into the Fray

Into the Fray

Our campers have survived their first full day at the Wesleyan intensive rowing camp.

Six eights went out for each practice – three of men and three of women – to hone their skills on the Connecticut River under the guidance of one of our experienced collegiate coaches. The athletes will rotate throughout the week to work with each coach.


During this week, the rowers will take in much more information than they are capable of implementing in only a week. Much like a content-rich conference, the Sparks camp brings them together with peers from all over the country for a lineup of intensive workshops with top names in the community. Today alone, each athlete worked with at least two different coaches and had the additional opportunity to meet one-on-one with a coach. That much information can feel overwhelming at first.

However, also like a high-powered conference, the campers will meet people and receive instruction here that will inform, guide, and motivate them through their next year at their home program.

Today our two practice sessions on the water focused on the finish portion of the stroke; we keep the foci consistent for all coaches each day to ensure that rowers get to work on several different things while they are here.

In the morning, each coach took out a boat to work to begin the day’s work on the finish.

In the afternoon, all three men’s eights and all three women’s eights met up to do a few joint pieces. Meanwhile, in both the morning and the afternoon, each boat rotated through two coxswains, each of whom took notes on the other.

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Tonight, Ryan Sparks delivers a multimedia presentation about development in high school prior to the college recruiting process. The campers have been issued notebooks to write down the points relevant to them for when the school year starts.

We suspect it will be early to bed for our athletes. After all, we do this all again tomorrow.


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