bg-3 Into the Rain

Into the Rain

Today’s overcast skies and persistent, light drizzle did nothing to slow down our campers.

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Instead, we headed out this morning for a long water session of exercises and drills. Rowers and coxswains rotated to work with different coaches than they did yesterday, and the coaching staff as a whole has begun to see some progress in the form of the rowers they have seen. This is exciting, and we hope that these changes stick through the end of the camp and beyond.

In the afternoon, a few lucky coxswains learned to scull (row with two oars) in singles and doubles while the rest of the group headed out in eights, as usual. The women’s eights ended that session with a short, tight race right past the dock of the Wesleyan boathouse.

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We’ve begun to see genuine friendships forming between all of the kids here – that tends to happen when people spend all their time together! Those friendships will last beyond this camp, and hopefully our athletes will be able to see each other at regattas in the fall and spring. These relationships are some of the most important takeaways of rowing. Our sport provides an exciting opportunity to meet people from all over the country and, occasionally, all over the world, all of whom have a common passion for rowing and the water.

This evening, our rowers and coxswains will learn from a college recruiting panel covering everything from junior year to high school graduation, from Division 1 schools all the way to club teams. After that, it’s back to the dorm to rest and recuperate for tomorrow. We are excited to see the what the athletes have learned in their final race on Saturday.

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