bg-3 It’s All Coming Together

It’s All Coming Together

It’s all coming together.

On the water today our coxswains spent time understanding how to manage practice and understand boat feel. Coaches often have their rowers feel the difference between correct and incorrect technique, but coxswains rarely take the time to focus on the difference from their perspective. Our coxswains have gained valuable insight from their coaches and teammates, and tomorrow will put it all together as we simulate racing. Coxswains will have two opportunities to implement their race plan (and ample time to evaluate and make corrections in between).

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We had a fun night out to dinner at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop and as tradition, took our group photo on the walk back. The hotel staff prepared a s’mores party for us, though it probably would have been better received in less than 90 degree heat! Regardless, we had fun and the coxswains have been working diligently on their race plans.

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