bg-3 Just Point at That Tree and Steer Straight

Just Point at That Tree and Steer Straight

by Leanne Davis

Our first full day at camp is complete! I think it is safe to say that everyone is exhausted after a full day of coxing and learning. The heat has returned this week, though we’re still in double-digit temps (fingers crossed)!

On the water our coxswains practiced steering – head-race steering and 2k steering. While most coxswains think they have this covered, today they learned how much they actually don’t know and that there is always something new to learn.

Off the water, we focused on how to approach different types of steering situations and the different factors coxswains need to be aware of while steering. Once they begin to master this seemingly simple task, we will begin to layer the rest of their coxswain responsibilities on top.

photoCoach McElhenney demonstrating how to properly sit and turn one’s head while coxing

We’ve started individual meetings and are enjoying getting to know each of our campers individually and help guide them on this process to becoming a more aware coxswain.

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