bg-3 Last day of Coxswains’ Only – And Camps, for a While.

Last day of Coxswains’ Only – And Camps, for a While.

By Ryan Sparks · August, 2012

This morning capped off our coxswains’ only camp in Oklahoma City. Coxswains were expected to prepare their own practice plan in groups (see the video below) to prepare for racing in the afternoon (see the other video below).

We are extremely thrilled with the way our inaugural coxswains’ only program went. It filled in less than a month after our Wesleyan slots were taken, and though after nine weeks of camps, we need some processing time — suffices to say we’ll most likely be doing it again if not multiple times a year. Thanks goes out to the wonderful, friendly folks in Oklahoma City, the parents willing to put their faith in us, and our amazing staff.

This concludes nine weeks of summer camps for our small company. Six in New Zealand, two in Connecticut, and one in Oklahoma. Our staff will take the next week for reflection, but the gut instinct is one of gratitude to each other and to the parents who had enough faith to make something meaningful happen for their kids happen in the sport this summer. But enough about that from us — talk to the kids!

We’ll begin blogging again this winter from our San Diego advanced session — just an FYI for parents looking at current dates: we’re thinking about changing them to fit more school calendars — emails will go out to all campers from this summer.

Thanks again from the team at Sparks.


Learn about our coxswain’s only camp here, coached by coxswains with national team and Olympic experience.  Or, get a better feel for the experience by reading some excerpts from the rowing cox blog.  Click the following link for information on our next round of summer rowing camp information.  Follow this link for information on our New Zealand rowing camp, taking place each summer and here for their NZ camp blog (with some great videos).  We also have some great information on our winter rowing camp  and you can get another perspective through our blog on the advanced winter rowing camp here. Enjoy!


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