bg-3 Making Progress

Making Progress

We awoke this morning to a threat of thunderstorms and decided to play it safe by sticking indoors. A smart decision as the rain turned to a deluge by mid-morning.

First stop – the tanks. As a coxswain, do you wonder why that seemingly easy (albeit long) drill sequence is never executed properly? How many coxswains have ever tried to do this from the rower’s seat? Our coxswains learned first-hand that executing drilling sequences isn’t always quite as easy as it seems, and the changes in their demeanor and delivery that can have a positive impact on their crew.

After lectures, lunch, and private coaching sessions, the rain lightened and we were able to go on the water to finish docking and steering sessions. In the evening, Leanne Davis led a session on college recruiting that focused not on the necessary steps to take, but rather how to approach college choice in order to get the most out of the process.

We’ve watched this group begin to make progress not just in their on-water skills, but in their confidence and responsiveness as well. They are willing group participants and have begun to exhibit more leadership – all good coxing skills.

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