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By Ryan Sparks · August, 2012

The dorm buzzed with energy this morning. It was difficult to sleep past 7 as doors opened and shut, kids hurdled towards breakfast, and coaches prepared for the day. Crews went on the water quickly after their arrival for the last time in skill-level boatings to finalize technical work (see the video).

As the afternoon session arrived, kids were put into even boatings to prepare for racing in the morning. (parents invited!) Coaches teamed up, coaching two 8+s moving next to each other from two separate launches in a carefully coordinated cooperative coaching move, and this enabled the intensity to accelerate and hopefully put technical changes to the test while building into tomorrow morning. The coaches have enjoyed camp as much as the kids, and have also been able to create a successful team dynamic — uncommon in our sport and a mark of true professionalism.

Finally after dinner campers crowded into lecture hall to see portions of the Olympic opening ceremonies and hear about the experience from Olympians with a total of no less than four medals over four Olympiads.

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