bg-3 New Beginnings

New Beginnings

By Ryan Sparks · August, 2012

It’s always amazing how quickly the camp staff and campers turn over. We finish with one group on Saturday and in comes the next batch on Monday. To be honest, it kind of feels like it must working on a cruise ship. But: with that also comes the new excitement of campers, the fun of being able to showcase what they’ll learn again, and the ability to watch them as they process the start and think about similar kids we saw last week and how they fared at the end of camp (which was well).

We have a larger group of boys here this week, including some campers that have been at Sparks camps since the beginning three years ago at a tiny NY state outpost without a dock, A/C, or any kind of reasonable plumbing! Our counseling staff is purely awesome again this week — all college graduates coaching high school crew, here to get an education from some of the collegiate coaches we have on staff. We have no less than five Olympic medals on staff this week between three individuals.

Today, we conducted an evaluation in the gym of flexibility, technique, and ergometer score in order to place kids in boats. A camper forgot her inhaler, which was the most exciting event of the day — luckily her mother will be able to send the prescription to the Rite-Aid pharmacy the kids pass every day on their walk to the boathouse. We give the kids (and coaches) plenty of time to get to know one another on the first day, and concluded with an ice cream social after a rather quirky but completely unrequested slam poetry session in the dining hall from the kids in the art camp also based here — interesting introduction to a college dining hall for our campers!

The kids have been told they need to focus on learning how to improve for the months ahead. We cannot make major changes in five days, but we can open the door for them. It’s up to the kids to walk into the room. To that effect, see our posts from last week’s start here and here.

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