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Not Hazy

It was a hazy, humid morning in Oklahoma City, but that didn’t slow our coxswains down. The morning was spent practicing docking! While some of our coxswains docked, others were able to sit inside the boat and listen to how their peers made calls. We saw some unusual docking techniques, and everyone walked away from this practice with the realization that as their level of awareness grows, even the simple things aren’t so simple.

After lectures, lunch, and private coaching sessions, we went back on the water to focus on boat feel. Coaches often have their rowers feel the difference between correct and incorrect technique, but coxswains rarely take the time to focus on the difference from their perspective.

Leanne Davis and Kate Strum led an evening session on college recruiting that focused on how to approach college choice in order to get the most out of the process.

Now we’re all off to bed. Tomorrow will be an intense day and coxswains (and coaches) need their rest!

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