bg-3 Oklahoma City, round 2

Oklahoma City, round 2

by Leanne Davis

We’ve officially kicked off our second week of Coxswain Only camp in Oklahoma City. Our campers all arrived safely and their excitement was palpable. This is the fourth Coxswain Camp that I’ve run and I think this is our most eager group of coxswains yet!

The coxswains appeared in the lobby as a group twenty minutes prior to the scheduled registration start time to ask if they could begin camp early. We were still waiting on a few flights to arrive before the official start, but the group sat down and quickly started getting to know one another. After their informal peer evaluations, we started off camp with individual meetings with Coach Marcus McElhenney and Coach Kate Strum. Once complete, we headed over to the Boathouse District for a tour of our host facilities and then back to the hotel for dinner.

Tonight’s lecture focused on awareness, and tomorrow the fun begins!

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