bg-3 One Last Race

One Last Race

Saturday marked the final day of our Wesleyan camp. We like to finish with a bang, so we sent out six eights (four of men, two of women) to compete in a series of short pieces from the railroad bridge back to the boathouse.

It’s always extremely inspiring to see the athletes putting their new skills to the test on the final day of camp. The races are lighthearted competitions, and each boat tries to tie their outfits together with a unifying theme – including a women’s boat that chose to sport a rainbow of neon colors and a men’s boat that elected to race in speedo bathing suits.

Overhead flew a small, remote-controlled helicopter drone that the photographers and coxswains affectionately named Black Lilly. Black Lilly carried a video camera that filmed some of the racing, including a series of twenty-stroke bursts where all six boats started at the same time. We hope to use the footage in a film about the Sparks camps. We’ll let you know when that is released!

After racing, the athletes met for a final word in Shanklin Hall before heading out, notebooks in hand, to bring their newfound knowledge back to their clubs at home. We can’t wait to follow our athletes into the new school year – and beyond!

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