bg-3 Pulling it Together

Pulling it Together

Our final day of practice has been one of our most intense.

Today in the morning and afternoon sessions, rowers began preparing for their races on the final day of camp. After a drizzly morning, the weather cleared up for a beautiful, sunny final afternoon. While the boats on the water practiced racing starts and other maneuvers, the coxswains on land learned to rig boats and listened to audio samples.

Though the campers have made very few physical changes this week, they’ve made noticeable technical changes – and even bigger mental changes. Teamwork provides a great example. At the beginning of the week, the end-of-practice procedures took a long time. Launches had to be brought from the water up to the boat bays, oars had to be put away, and the equipment needed organizing, but no one seemed eager to move quickly on those jobs. In just four days, though, the rowers have begun taking initiative, communicating with each other, and working together as one big team.

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The same is true for coxswains. Though they struggled with docking at the beginning of the week, today each docking coxswain had four to six other coxswains on the dock helping them land, grabbing their oars, and bringing everyone into the boathouse as quickly as possible.

These are the lessons that carry over into the school year.

Tomorrow, racing begins at 10:30. After the races, our athletes will be walking back to campus. For parents who would like to join us for concluding remarks, we plan to meet at Shanklin Hall at Wesleyan University between noon and 12:30 PM. We hope to see some of you there!


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