bg-3 Pushing Past Boundaries and High Peaks

Pushing Past Boundaries and High Peaks

Our group drove to Queenstown with the New Zealand team to participate in the New Zealand-Australia test series. You can read more about that in the post above, but this entry is about trying new things. On the way in, the boys passed a bungy jump they decided a few would like to do. A major theme for our group has quickly become pushing past boundaries – whether those be athletic or personal. Thus, this was an ideal choice. One of our small Sparks ‘team’ has been afraid of heights since he was small – he tentatively agreed to the Bungy before pulling into the center, but we all think it took a lot more courage to take the jump! He loved it so much he went para-sailing the next day after training. Upcoming are head-mounted videos from these things.

The first full day in Queenstown was a training day for NZL, AUS, and our Sparks team. The scenery here seems to motivate you to keep moving and in doing so, continually grasp new vistas. The boys did a 7K run around a mountain lake followed by 7K in singles on our small Queenstown lake while Kiwi and Australian crews practiced for their last race tomorrow nearby. Then, it was time for the main ‘adventure’ event of our trip – heli-snowshoeing. (Just so everyone’s clear: the boys elected to do this and used their own funds). We boarded two helicopters at the Queenstown airport and took off into the mountains to snowshoe 4-6K over a frozen mountain lake by a frozen waterfall and catch ridiculous views amongst the peaks from the helicopter.

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