bg-3 Putting it Together

Putting it Together

Today, our campers put together steering and boatfeel with good communication. As the added layers overwhelm the coxswains, they realize just how much they have to either notice or automate while they are in the coxswain seat.

Morning practice consisted of some superficially simple exercises that required the coxswains to alternate between communicating with their crews and communicating with one another. This is a step beyond the coxswain-crew dialogue, and a step that too few coxswains fail to take. However, all of the coxswains at the camp are extremely enthusiastic and eager to learn.

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We have been thoroughly impressed with the coxswains’ willingness to trust the process and jump headfirst into the activities. We have watched them form some close friendships and even become mutualistic colleagues for improving their coxing.

So, this afternoon, we decided to combine their newfound skills with some fun, different activities.We rowed in the tanks at the Devon Boathouse. We switched them through a few “special topics” seminars with Coaches Simkin, Simon, and McElhenney. We even took a dip in the swimming pool back at the hotel to play some games.

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Tomorrow, our coxswains get to put their new skills to the test in a racing scenario. We can’t wait to see them excel.

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