bg-3 Racing and Saying Goodbye

Racing and Saying Goodbye

On the last day of camp, we lined everyone up in boats to go out and race…. to put everything they have been working on into action. It turned out to be a race day true to form, when the unexpected becomes the expected. The weather took a turn for the worse while on the water and everyone had to deal with windy, choppy conditions. One boat had to deal with a non-working sound system. And everyone had to deal with what happens when boats don’t arrive to the start line on time. But as is true on any race day, those that can roll with the punches and deal with the distractions benefit in the end.




It has been a compact few days of technical drill work, discussions on training, and individual meetings for the athletes to talk to the coaches about how to “take it to the next level”. Everyone made new friends and we all look forward to meeting up at racecourses across the US and Canada soon!

We at Sparks Consulting wish you all a strong winter training and fast waters come spring!


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