bg-3 Rain and Fog

Rain and Fog

Though yesterday remained sunny and clear throughout, today our rowers walked to the boathouse beneath a cloudy sky. The cool, breezy air proved perfect for rowing, and our morning sessions proceeded as they did yesterday, with the coaching staff each taking out an eight to practice. Today, athletes collectively began to notice how different coaches use different exercises and different explanations to make boats faster. We know that, for some athletes, this realization will make them feel more confident to seek insights from different coaches as they progress through their rowing careers and, maybe, experiment for themselves a little bit.

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After lunch, the breeze and clouds turned to steady rain and a chance of thunderstorms, so we stayed off the water and instead planned an erg relay in the athletic center at Wesleyan. The rowers and coxswains competed in small teams to finish their meters before everyone else. Meanwhile, a videographer and photographer captured the crowdedness and the energy in the room.

In the corner, several of the coaches formed a team of their own and tackled the relay in shorter and shorter bursts. By the end, that team had several folks joining in to contribute a twenty stroke piece, including Ryan Sparks and a couple of coxswains. The mirrors surrounding the room became foggy, as did the photographer’s camera lens – but the athletes were all smiles (well, after a few minutes) when the relay ended.

After the relay, the coaches delivered a discussion about the college recruiting process. This talk drilled into some of the specifics of preparing for college and for recruitment, reinforcing the lessons the athletes learned about development yesterday evening. Tomorrow, coaches begin preparing lineups for our final race on Saturday.

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