bg-3 Rain, Boat Feel, and Video

Rain, Boat Feel, and Video

It rained today in Florida. Given rain tends to happen in our sport every now and again, we didn’t feel this was an entirely bad thing.

The coxswain camp studied boat feel and docking today. As they consider the importance of awareness, things become more clear in both exercises. They also consulted with their coaches one on one in regards to in-boat organization. They did get rained on (some), and the coaches cheered slightly adverse conditions given their ultimate better resemblance to reality than purely perfect water.

The sculling camp was able to initially watch video of themselves and then each sculler was critiqued by Coach Bartman; more interestingly,  Bartman then asked them to critique themselves.  We find this to be more useful in teaching the kids how to be independent athletes. They got on the water and met individually with the three time Olympian later in the afternoon – and then watched some video of his gold medal Olympic 8+ as he critiqued that – even though some of the Canadian students present may have (oh so politely) protested the Dutch’s dominance in the 8+ – which offered opportunity for another conversation. The scullers then did Yoga, hopefully stretching a bit after the fairly large amount of volume they’ve done in the singles the last few days.



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