bg-3 Rain, Rain Go Away

Rain, Rain Go Away

We awoke to grey, gloomy skies and the sound of rain in OKC this morning, but the upside was cooler temperatures!

IMG_0217coxswains in the tanks at Devon Boathouse

This morning, the coxswains split their time between the Finish Line Tower and Devon Boathouse. First stop at Devon – the tanks. As a coxswain, do you wonder why that seemingly easy (but long!) drill sequence is never executed properly? How many coxswains have ever tried to do this from the rower’s seat? Our coxswains learned first-hand that executing drilling sequences isn’t always quite as easy as it seems, and the changes in their demeanor and delivery that can have a positive impact on their crew.


Off the water, we focused on how to approach different types of steering situations and what coxswains need to be aware of when steering. Once they begin to master this seemingly simple task, we will begin to layer the rest of their coxswain responsibilities on top.

After lectures, lunch, and private coaching sessions, the grey skies had completely disappeared and we were able to go on the water to begin docking and steering sessions. While most coxswains think they have this covered, today they learned how much they actually don’t know and that there is always something new to learn.

In the evening, Coaches Sam Greenblatt and Malcolm Doldron led a Coxswain Q&A Session.

photo-6engaged coxswains in the Q&A session

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