bg-3 Remember Quad Hill…

Remember Quad Hill…

A few days ago we took the guys down to Sandfly Bay on the Otago Peninsula. The bay is named not after the small, biting arthropods but instead because the wind blows so fiercely it causes the sand to fly up the beach (and into your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, if you’re not careful…). Our first visit was to simply to check out the beach, and the guys had a pretty nice time of it.


The second time we ventured out to Sandfly Bay, a day later, was a little less relaxing. Coach Condy felt that the guys needed to learn how to use their legs a bit better on the drive, and the dunes of Sandfly were the perfect place for such a lesson.


After six laps, the guys were pretty knackered, but not so much that they didn’t have the energy for a quick splash in the frigid bay waters.

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