bg-3 San Diego Day One

San Diego Day One

By Ryan Sparks · January, 2013

It’s always nice to come to San Diego at a time when the rest of the world has a little less color. We checked in our campers today and immediately walked them over to the boathouse for a full evaluation. We took a look at their flexibility, ergs, and their skills on the water including their stroke, body awareness, and understanding and ability to respond to technical instruction. The objective today was to get oriented to our gorgeous environment and allow our staff get an understanding of each athlete.

As an advanced camp, our tone, the evaluations we’re doing, and the workouts to follow in the next few days are very similar to the measures used by the US Junior team — especially given the coach for the 2013 US Junior Men’s 8+ is one of our staff. After dinner, Anderson Bourrell, a naturopathic advisor to Harvard, Oxford, and multiple Olympic teams engaged the kids in yoga and breathing exercises aimed at teaching them more awareness to their recovery efforts — which will be useful in the days ahead at our training volume.


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